#394 Pete F 21-12-2017 11:53
Hope that Domi is recovering swiftly - sorry to see that you couldn't continue with your support for Fish on tour but, with the amount of energy that goes into each performance, we hope you'll be back on stage soon. We only bought tickets to the Cambridge gig once we realised you guys were supporting him again, having been blown away by you at the Junction last time. Doris was okay, but the night wasn't the same without you !
#393 Jayne and jonah 15-12-2017 19:31
Cardiff tramshed 12th december, first time we saw you and we really hope it won't be the last. Totally uplifting experience, we were blown away from the first note to the last. Bought the new cd, can't stop playing it. Please come back next year, we will be spreading the word to everyone we know. Thank you for a great show :lol:
#392 Mike and Ambre 14-12-2017 12:14
Merci beaucoup pour la derrière soir a Bristol et les autographs. Great gig (just not long enough) on 13th Dec 17 in Bristol. Thanks for meeting us afterwards and we hope to see you next year in the U.K. Please come back!! :lol: Mike&Ambre
#391 Dianna 19-08-2017 07:18
it was raining so much when you played at the festival yesterday in Waffenrod that i had to retire to my tent before you started. i sooo regretted this even though i could hear every tone and loved your every song. you have amazing, haunting voices and i am determined to find you again. thank you!
#390 Bruno Bugelli 18-08-2017 23:18
J'ai été très touché par votre prestation au Festival Rock au Château de Villersexel. Je venais pour voir mes amis de Light Damage et vous avez été une totale découverte pour moi. Merci pour être des musiciens exceptionnels, merci pour ces belles paroles qui redonnent toutes leurs lettres de noblesse à la langue française. Merci pour votre joie de vivre sur scène et votre grande disponibilité après le concert. J'ai été très touché par cette bonté, cette énergie positive que vous dégagez chacun à votre façon. Je vous l'ai dit : "Vous avez une belle âme les mecs!". Au plaisir de vous revoir! Un tout grand BONJOUR de Bruxelles!
#389 francoise 06-08-2017 09:58
:P Que ça fait du bien !!! une énorme bonne claque musicale et visuelle au Festival Rock au Château de Villersexel le 05 Août. Bonne route à vous ! moi, je vous suis ! ;-)
#388 Jake 12-07-2017 07:29
[quote name="Jake"]So gutted that you will not be supporting Fish throughout his full tour of the UK. Was hoping to see you guys in Manchester & Glasgow. Hope you will manage to get back again to the UK soon! Have a great tour, ;-)
#387 Jake 12-07-2017 07:28
So gutted that you will not be supporting Fish throughout his full tour of the UK. Was hoping to see you guys in Manchester & Glasgow. Hope you will mange to get back again to the UK soon! Have a great tour, ;-)
#386 Gernot 12-04-2017 09:28
It really took 61(!) years to discover you jelly nice French guys for the first time at Musichall Worbswede. Me and my girl friend were more than flashed on your fantastic performance. Merci, merci :-)
#385 Sandrine et Régis 11-04-2017 06:47
Enfin un DVD live, dommage que vous n'ayez pas capté celui d'Alès, ou au minimum en audio, à moins que vous n'ayez des bandes..... ;-) ;-)
En tout cas DVD commandé, trop hâte de retrouver la magie de votre musique en live, RDV au Jas Rod (mais c'est loinnnnnnn :sad: :sad: :sad:
#384 Michael B 08-04-2017 08:11
yesterday you said you where the second time in Music Hall Worpswede.
We where there the second time too and listen to your fantastic performance.
But nothing new since the last time...
Please make an new Album :lol: :lol: :lol:
#383 Florian 06-04-2017 11:06
fantastic concert in Munich!!! so magic! MERCI!!! :D
#382 Stéphane 17-12-2016 09:30
Bonjour les amis. quatre dates en France :lol: quand à grenoble ?
#381 Barbra Knop 15-12-2016 08:00
At last a band with songs you can hear over and over again and discover new things every time! You guys are sooo amazingly gifted!! All of you. But Romain, you really touch my heart with "un oeil jeté". WOW!!
Hope to see you again in Holland!
Mucho love, Barbra.
#380 Martine 08-12-2016 06:59
Thank you so much for a wonderful evening in Zoetermeer last night. You guys are amazing!