The following text is a bit long but it could not be otherwise.

Dear friends,

we can’t wait the resumption of the concerts… We had imagined things differently this year but life always is full of surprises, good and bad. Here is one more time a bad one, but fortunately followed by the light that always comes after the storm. It is really hard for me to share with you this news, I do not know how and where to start. Maybe with “ it could be worse” or “that’s life”. Even if we had a hard time processing this news, we took a step back during the past few weeks and are now able to share it with you with a certain serenity.

Three weeks after getting out of the confinement, Ged told us that he wanted to quit the Lazuli adventure. His announcement had the effect of a ten metres hight wave in our faces.

We did not understand it at first and tried to talk him out of it but soon we understood that his decision was considered. We found ourselves hurt, bruised, amputated of a member but after mourning the departure of our brother of heart and road, after weeping over our fate, after having gone through all kind of emotions, feelings, even after having thinking we might just be the end of our band … we picked ourselves up. Claude and I were devastated but Vincent and Romain, facing our dismay and in spite of theirs, have found the strength to get us back on our feet. That is the beauty of a band, when one of us is about to sink, another turn on a lighthouse.

Those 15 years alongside Ged were beautiful and full of love, cloudless, in the happy moments as well as during the most difficult ones. That is why we were confused by his decision. Today Ged follow another path far from music and even though I regret this 180-degree turn, I can’t juge him for that. I must admit, a band is not a prison and in friendship as in love there is no key at the door.

Is it the arrival of the Covid creature and the brutal end of the tour last March that influenced his choices, I don’t know. I only know that these two months of confinement upset a lot of human beings, it was the time of existential questions and perhaps the time of new opportunities and priorities.

My romantic and lyrical self thought that only death will tear us appart, but how presumptuous I have been (that’s better like this 😉 In a manner of speaking Corona took Lazuli’s guitar player but Ged is still alive and that is what is important. Anyway, we are no exception in the history of rock bands. It is sometimes hard to be philosopher but we have to admit despite our deep sadness there is definitely way worse things happening on this planet nowadays.

So, for everything that still needs to be share with you and in the name of the passion that shapes us, we found strength. As I told you earlier, we are getting back on our feet but strangely I did not expect us to do it so quickly and as smoothly.

Of course we will never replaced the ones we love and we have loved, but our hearts will always be big enough to make room for new people. This is where magic happens, undoubtably. Romain introduced us to Arnaud, one of his friends, a brillant guitar player. Arnaud is an excellent musician but not only, he is a beautiful human being as well!!! His energy and his smile have lifted our spirits. Ged is unique, so is Arnaud; two really different musicians, so no comparaison will be possible 😉

2020 is definitely a weird year but Clo, Vincent, Romain, Ali, Elliot and I are as ready as could be to hit the road again (if the critter Covid would let us!!)

For now, we would like to hug our friend Ged really tight and wish him all the best and happiness that he deserves on his new path. On our end, we are getting back to work with the fierce need to see you again soon and introduce you our new member Arnaud Beyney.

Until then, take good care,